The Canary Islands Foundation for the Advancement of Biomedicine and Biotechnology's transparency portal aims to reinforce the transparency of our entity by providing information related to the our use of resources, and the planning and management of our activities, all in a structured format that is accessible to the public.

The foundation focuses on helping the University’s Institute of Biomedical Technologies innovate, and undertake technology and knowledge transfer to the industrial sector in order to benefit patients. As such, it is an entity aimed at managing technology and knowledge transfer, and intellectual property, although it does not undertake actions that may be the objective of funding or grants to third parties.

Request Information:

If you wish to exercise your right of Access to Public Information set out in current Spanish legislation, you can do so in person at our offices or electronically by sending an email to the following address: info@fundacionbioavance.org

In the event that you are not granted access to the information requested, you have the right to file a complaint with the Transparency Commissioner.

All data related to the history and structure of the Foundation are detailed in the section "The Foundation - Summary of data" on this website (only available in Spanish).

Please check the Organizational Diagram of the Institution (only available in Spanish) for information on the organization of the Foundation.

All Information on new tenders, contracts, services or assignments are available in the Contractor's Profile section of this website. A summary of the past contracts can be found below under "Other Documents" (information only available in Spanish).

Note: The Transparency Portal is currently under development and thus, some sections may still be lacking content.